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Suited to any vehicle a STANDARD ELECTRONIC CORROSION CONTROL - single pad is applicable for small vehicles including hatchbacks and sedans or HEAVY DUTY ELECTRONIC CORROSION CONTROL - dual pad is applicable for larger vehicles including wagons, SUVs and 4WDs. Discuss with your dedicated Car Care consultant as to what is the best option for your vehicle.


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Over time, steel has a tendency to return to its natural state (Iron Oxide). When exposed to Oxygen and moisture (humidity) there is an electrochemical reaction which causes electrons to be lost, thus forming Ferric Oxide (Rust). This rusting process can be prevented by replacing the electrons faster than they are lost. There are several methods for doing this. For motor vehicles the most common methods are Capacitive Coupling or Impressed Current.

HECC (High Energy Capacitive Coupling)

  • Uses combination of proven technologies
  • High frequency output
  • Completely safe
  • Pad creates strong charge to hold in electrons
  • Reduces vehicle body corrosion
  • Waterproof connectors
  • External fuse
  • Internal temperature protection
  • High & low voltage protection
  • Working current <50mA
  • Output pulse frequency ±4Khs
  • 100% flameproof casing
  • International Product Compliance

Capacitive Coupling

Capacitive Coupling system outputs a charge onto an insulated pad (coupler). The system relies on the vehicle paintwork as a dielectric, or layer between positive and negative charge.

Impressed Current

Impressed Current systems directly connect to vehicle body, and push a high frequency current through the vehicle body, interrupting the natural rusting process.

Evolo have partnered with specialists in motor vehicle electronic rust protection, a company with over 20 years expertise in this field. With continual development and testing we have pushed the boundaries to find the best technology for vehicle rust protection.

The RP3 module uses a new technology called HECC (High Energy Capacitive Coupling) which is a unique combination of both impressed current and high frequency capacitive coupling.

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Evolo now offers the most comprehensive corrosion protection solution for your vehicle. The Evolo Corrosion Control Pack is a system of chemical and electronic corrosion-inhibitors which work together to maximise your vehicle’s overall corrosion resistance.

The EVOLO Corrosion Control Pack is a system of chemical and electronic corrosion-inhibitors which work together to maximise your vehicle’s overall corrosion resistance.

Without ECI, the loss of electrons causes the metal to oxidise (rust). With ECI, electrons in the metal are constantly replaced, preventing.

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Evolo Corrosion Control Pack reduces corrosion in two ways:

Electronic Corrosion Inhibitor (ECI)

  • ECI replaces lost electrons in the painted metal panels.
  • Completely safe, environmentally friendly and will not interfere with other electronic devices.

Chemical Corrosion Inhibitor (CCI)

  • CCI applied to the under-body safeguards against exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Tough, transparent shield which flexes to absorb vibrations, knocks ,and bumps without cracking or becoming brittle.

To find out more about Electronic Corrosion Control (E-RUST), download the brochure below.